What Is Spagyrics? 

Spagyrics (spa-jeer-icks) is an alchemical preparation of herbs used to create a potent and powerful plant medicine. It is one of the oldest extraction methods and is by far the most unique. In Ninjutsu it's referred to as "Jutsu". The word “spagyrics” is derived from the Greek roots: spao (to draw out) and agerio (to unite), and this is exactly what the spagyric extraction process does, and more! Read along and let's take a deeper dive into what spagyrics entails, how a true spagyric herbal remedy is crafted (by Ninjas & others) and why it’s one of the best alternative medicines in existence. 

What Is A Tincture? 

Atincture is a concentrated herbal extract which is made by soaking one or more herb in high-proof alcohol. Since water alone cannot absorb all the beneficial properties from plant materials, alcohol is used as an indispensable solvent in the herbal industry, as well as many other industries. Despite the argument that alcohol may have a negative impact on health—especially when consumed in excessive amounts—many studies find that alcohol in small doses may: 

  • Reduce the risk of developing and dying of heart disease
  • Reduce certain types of inflammation
  • Increase the defensive capabilities of the immune system
  • Reduce the risk of ischemic stroke & improve brain health 

What Is A Spagyric Tincture?

In order to make a true spagyric tincture, there are several processes that must happen: the separation, purification, incineration and cohobation (re-unification) of plant matter. HEM-Ninja™ is crafted using the very best version of these processes, each one having been chosen for being found to be the most efficient.

 Once picked and weighed out, the herbs are placed in a special extracting apparatus, called a soxhlet. A soxhlet extractor has three main components: the heating flask (which holds the alcohol), the herb chamber (which holds the herbs) and the condenser.

How Is It Made?

To begin, the flask is heated and the alcohol evaporates until it's recondensed and falls back into the herb chamber. As the herb chamber fills with alcohol, the alcohol is siphoned back into the heating flask. This process continues until ALL of the plants’ compounds have been extracted.

 After the soxhlet has been running for several hours, we're left with a potent herbal extract. However, the best part of the process is yet to come. The time in the soxhlet allows for the alcohol to extract all of the herbs’ compounds, but the mineral salts still remain. To obtain the salts, the herbs are removed from the herb chamber, burned to a white ash, mixed with distilled water, and filtered. The solution is placed on a burner to evaporate, and finally we're left with a pool of crystallized mineral salts. The salts are ground up and mixed back into the alcohol extract, completing the final step of the spagyric process. 

Shortly after, a natural chemical reaction occurs and the fat-soluble compounds are converted to water-soluble compounds, so you absorb almost all of what you put ingest. The result is a liquid with healing properties unlike any other hemorrhoid tincture, extract, pill or capsule! To Learn More, Watch This Quick Video From Our Manufacturing Partner Below.

Kayakujutsu 火薬術 

Spagyrics uses the three philosophical principles of alchemy (Mercury, Sulfur, and Salt). Why? Well, In alchemical philosophy, it is said that EVERYTHING in the universe can be separated into three basic principles: Mercury, Sulfur and Salt. 

 Alcohol = Mercury = Spirit

 Essential Oils = Sulfur = Soul

 Mineral Salts = Salt = Body

The history and mythology surrounding Ninjutsu and Kayakujutsu are similar to the history of chemistry and the mythology surrounding alchemy. Thus kayakujutsu mysticism refers to elements like the Earth (Chi) to develop Fire (Kaji) just as alchemy referred to elements such as earth, fire, salt and sulfur.

While most people tend to think of ninjitsu as a totally comprehensive martial art for hand-to-hand combat and swordsmanship. Historical documents tell us that ninjas were very knowledgeable about medicinal herbs and became merchants of medicines, travelling the country selling their goods. They were well versed in the knowledge of medicinal herbs and remedies. Herbal pharmacology was one of the standard arts. In the martial arts, just as in life, it's necessary to maintain a healthy body, so medicine was critical to correct injuries and diseases. 

What Makes Spagyrics The Best?

Spagyric preparation of a plant is the only method that makes use of both the purified minerals and the organic acids that are so effective as whole plant herbal health care. The creation of many modern-day pharmaceuticals is highly influenced by spagyric processes, however, pharmaceutical drugs include many synthetic chemicals. Spagyric formulas contain only the naturally occurring chemicals in plants. 

By extracting all of the plants' medicinal properties and re-combining them with their mineral salts we're left with a true full-essence tincture (the only one of its kind)! In other words, HEM-Ninja spagyric tincture is made from the full character (medicinal properties, nutrients, enzymes and mineral salts) of the plants and herbs it's made from instead of isolating just one.  Scientific research on spagyric tinctures to date have been found in the form of clinician surveys and clinical application studies without placebo controls. To learn more about those studies,
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The clinical study results from administering spagyric medicines—especially when paired with conventional medicine—seem very promising in treating a wide array of ailments including hemorrhoids. While centuries old, spagyrics still remains a mysterious marvel to many. It has played a major role in the development of herbal medicine and continues to be one of the most effective extraction processes to this day. Physicians and homeopathic doctors alike are beginning to rediscover this ancient art and its ability to help heal the root causes and symptoms of many different illnesses. Experience the benefits first hand, Shop Now>>